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Rally & Yachting

Since 2006, the Gstaad Yacht Club (GYC) in collaboration with the Gstaad Automobile Club (GAC) has organised an annual classic car rally, combining a car drive highlighting some of the most beautiful roads in Switzerland with remote-controlled model boat sailing.

The registration for the 16th GYC Rally & Yachting is coming soon! 

The event starts on Friday with the registration at the Gstaad Automobile Club in Feutersoey, followed by the nocturnal sailing challenge and dinner. It’s followed by a day of driving on Saturday and finalized with the prize giving dinner in the evening . 

Invitation and Registration form HERE

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The 2021 edition of the GYC Rally & Yachting had it all, from sailing, to classic cars, exclusive venues and all the seasons in the year in two days! How amazing can that be?
The GYC Committee decided to steer up the waters and prepared a comprehensive two-day program for the 25 entrants starting with the usual welcome in the premises of the GYC long-time partner, the Gstaad Automobile Club. Full Press Release in English here