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Messages from the helm and cockpit

10/10/2022 11:41:37 AM

Anja Von Allmen nominated to Young Talent Award of the Canton of Bern

Anja von Allmen is nominated for Young Talent Award of the Sport Awards of the Cantone of Berne and you can participate as the public is able to vote! Find out how in this article!

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10/10/2022 11:11:29 AM

Kismet wins Gstaad Yacht Club Centenary Trophy 2022

British flagged Kismet won the 11th edition of the Gstaad Yacht Club Centenary Trophy, the traditional rendez-vous at the Voiles de Saint-Tropez for classic yachts aged 100 years or more.

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8/25/2022 2:11:16 PM

The 16th GYC Rally & Yachting - An epic test of endurance against elements

The car and sailing aficionados congregated in Gstaad between the 5th and 6th August, Friday and Saturday respectively, for the classic 16th GYC Rally & Yachting event.
The event has been growing year after year, and this year it wasn’t different, and on the last possible registration day the organization accounted 33 cars, from which 31 made their way to the start line!

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7/31/2022 2:21:53 PM

Bronze Medal for GYC Member at Dhream Cup 2022

The Dhream Cup (also known as Grand Prix de France de Course au Large) has now become the most important open ocean race in France. It celebrated its fourth edition in 2022 and planned three different courses.

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6/22/2022 12:08:03 PM

GYC Golf & Yachting with summer weather and sport passio

In the early sunny morning of Friday 22nd July 2022 golfers and sailors conglomerated in the Gstaad-Saanenland Golf Course to
participate in the 6th edition of the GYC Golf & Yachting.

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